This short video below explains the scientific principle of MexBrain, based on diffusion:

MexBrain uses a patented combination of dialysis and ultrachelating biopolymer (MEX-CD1) for specific free metal extraction. Our product, named MEX-CD1, is injected into the dialysate of a regular dialysis monitor and extracts free metals out of the blood while never crossing the membrane, hence never reaching the blood. No modification is required on dialysis machines or membranes. It allows us to ensure a very safe treatment of our patients compared to a normal dialysis.

In a classical dialysis, small molecules and metals will diffuse through the dialysis membrane thanks to the concentration gradient, until equilibrium. Our product, the MEX-CD1 captures the targeted free metals and prevents this equilibrium. Free metals never stop crossing the membrane, meaning more of them can be extracted than without MEX-CD1.

MexBrain’ treatment combines multiple advantages:

  • Low to zero toxicity: Since there is no direct contact between the blood stream and MEX-CD1, toxicity should be very limited. 
  • High efficiency / specificity: MEX-CD1 allows for a high extraction efficacy while preserving a high specificity towards the targeted free metals. This specificity limits dramatically the impact on essential metals.
  • High safety: On top of the very low toxicity due to the dialysis membrane, MEX-CD1 is built on compounds that have already been approved for clinical use. A second level of safety is achieved by using very low dialysis flow rates.