Acute Kidney Injury

Acute kidney injury or AKI is a condition resulting in a rapid inflammation and loss of kidney function necessitating highly specialised medical care and presenting with a high mortality. Survivors from AKI are at high risk for chronic kidney disease, increased morbidity and a greatly reduced quality of life.

40-60% of critical care admissions

3 million patients in Europe and the US

700,000 deaths annually

There are many different causes to AKI: sepsis, cardiovascular surgery, rhabdomyolysis, organ transplantation, cancer treatments, exposure to nephrotoxic drugs or trauma are among the most common.

Free iron, which mainly comes from hemolysis, is a strong promoter of AKI by catalyzing the Fenton Haber-Weiss reactions it leads to the production of free radicals which in turn create oxidative stress, vascular injuries, apoptosis and ferroptosis.

More than $10 billion are spent each year to manage AKI

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